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All forms of therapeutic work require a commitment from the therapist and client to ensure the work can remain safe, ethical and fruitful for you. For session fees please contact me directly to discuss. I work with adults, including trainee counsellors and psychotherapists.

Individual Therapeutic Sessions

Sessions last 50 minutes and are usually weekly.

The first session is an initial assessment. This gives us a chance to meet and both get a sense of whether psychotherapeutic counselling is the right fit for you and that we can work together. I offer sessions on either a short, medium, or long term basis depending on what is needed and appropriate.

I usually review the work every six sessions to ensure we remain focused and you get what you need.

Couples Counselling

Initial assessment lasts for 90 minutes. Sessions thereafter last
for 60 minutes and are usually weekly.

The initial assessment is an opportunity for the couple to explore what has brought them to counselling and if a therapeutic space is needed. My model of working accommodates the couple to be seen together, with intermittent
separate sessions to help deepen the work and facilitate growth.

A commitment of at least six sessions is required and this can be extended as appropriate.

EMDR Sessions

Should we decide together that EMDR is the right fit for you, sessions last between 60 90 minutes and requires the commitment of at least 18 sessions on a weekly basis, this includes a complex assessment.